Behind the Scenes | Wedding at Hangar 30 [Video 1 of 3]

Behind the Scenes | Wedding at Hangar 30 [Video 1 of 3]

It’s hard to accurately describe in words all of the smaller details that go into an event. But for me, that’s one of the fun parts. I love seeing all the little details come together to create one overarching effect. It’s like a viola in a symphony. You may not notice what specific part it plays, but when it combines with the other instruments, the song sounds complete.

When it comes to a wedding, DJing, lighting design, and MCing all play an integral part in the makeup of the experience. When it all works together, the event feels complete.

So to answer a few questions and pull back the production curtain a bit, I’m going to be sharing a few videos about what goes on behind the scenes. Enjoy this video series and as always, feel free to reach out with any questions. You may also subscribe to my Youtube Channel HERE for more behind the scenes videos and exclusive content.

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