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Ideal Entertainment would like to welcome in guest Blogger and distinguished event coordinator Liz Webster for her take on why to hire a professional entertainer.

If you were to ask me if you should hire a DJ/Emcee for your event my answer will most likely be yes.  I have been to hundreds of events, some with good DJ’s, some with bad DJ’s, some with just an ipod, other’s with live music, the list goes on and on and your options are seemingly endless.

Everyone wants to have a memorable event that leaves their guests wowed and remembering what an awesome time they had.  Truth be told, while we remember the really awesome events we also remember the poorly executed ones.  You know the ones I am talking about, where the bride and groom are on the dance floor ready for their first dance and magically the song on the ipod is gone or the speakers have all of a sudden failed.  Awkwardly the couple stands there as hundreds of eyes stare at them.  Or maybe Uncle Bob is acting as the Emcee and he has one too many cocktails during the course of the evening soon he beings to slur his words maybe even cracks an inappropriate joke.  These and other situations like these are a nightmare to anyone throwing an event.
Here are some reasons to hire a DJ/Emcee.

1. Music. A DJ not only has an extensive selection of music but they also have the ability to make smooth transitions between songs.  They will make sure that your requested songs (i.e. first dance song, father daughter dance song, etc.) are played exactly when they should be.  You can let your DJ know if there is a song that absolutely under no conditions should be played and they will make sure that it is not played even if another guest requests it.  They will play appropriate music for the audience, and ambiance that you want to create.
2. Announcements. A DJ can usually double as an Emcee, which is great when it comes to making announcements.  From letting the guests know that it is time to be seated for dinner to last call and everything in between, a good DJ will be able to make these announcements in a professional and entertaining manner.
Entertainment. Every event can have a little down time as I like to call it.  Maybe it is almost time for the toasts but the bride needed a restroom break.  The Emcee will be able to entertain your guests so they never know something wasn’t running completely on schedule.
3. Dancing. Most people want there to be dancing at their event or at least the option.  DJ’s are extremely helpful in getting the dancing going.  They know what songs to play to get people on the dance floor and what songs to play to keep them dancing all night.  Of course they will do this while maintaining the ambiance you want.
4. Ambiance. Think about your event and what type of music that will enhance your event.  There are so many different types of music from Jazz to Country, from R&B to Rock and everything in between.  By letting your DJ know what your vision for your event is they can select music that will bring that vision to life.
If you do decide to hire a DJ/Emcee make sure you do your research!! There are some great professional DJ/Emcees out there but there are just as many bad ones.  The best way to find a good DJ/Emcee is to talk to people.  If you have been to an event and had a great time ask the host who they hired and if they would hire them again.  When talking to a DJ ask for references that you can contact, if they don’t give you any then runaway!!  I would rather invest the money to hire a professional and talented DJ/Emcee knowing that I can completely trust them to do their job well.

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