7 Golden Tips for Vendor Relations

Team Work Makes the Dream Work – Wedding Vendor Relations Tips

By Katy Roberts, VOWS Owner, Lead Wedding/Event Planner and Designer

My most memorable moments, when looking back over my 10 years working weddings, are those that I felt respected, trusted, and appreciated. There’s something about positive reinforcement that unlocks the flood gates of creativity, patience, energy and generosity.  Clients hire us, yes.  There’s a contract and a check written, but I consider myself your team member vs. your employee and when I’m treated this way nothing from good comes from it.

teamwork_pic_small_20100313204854Wedding vendors are a breed that are creative, physically and emotionally strong, determined, love what they do, and love weddings.  They are also human.  They need “thank yous”; to be told they are on the right track and how much you appreciate their insight; a timelined break on the wedding day to re-energize in a quiet room with a hot meal.  Many vendors work 12+ hours on their feet, so your wedding day experience is nothing less than wonderful.  Many sweat through their clothes, change shoes 3 times due to constant blisters, carry around heavy equipment, deal with bridal party and guest politics/drama.  It’s a wonder they do it! But they do.  For you.

How to make your vendor’s life easier and get it back 10-fold…..

1) Respond to emails/calls in a timely manner

2)  Sign and return contracts promptly – they are holding the date for you and turning away other work

3) Pay your balances before the wedding day – vendors don’t like to wonder if they’re going to have to chase you down on your honeymoon

4) Make final changes to your order at least 2 weeks before your wedding day – that means finalizing your RSVPs by this time

5) Treat your vendors with the guest meal and a timelined break in a separate room from the reception

6) Say “thank you”

7) Offer to write a testimonial for their website or other online resource (Yelp, Wedding Wire, etc.)

Do these things and I guarantee you will have the best, most creative, most energetic, and generous team on your side for one of the most important days of your life.  Team work does make the dream work.

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