You Get What You Pay For…

I was speaking to a new client for an event a few days ago and we were speaking about my experience and what kind of events I specialize in. At that time she revealed to me her very own horror story about her wedding DJ. Feedback, missed cues, miss-pronunciation, and clumsy announcements all seemed to be more prevalent than dancing. Now, usually at this point in the conversation I have to tread very lightly because I don’t want to insult (on purpose or by accident) another company in the industry. However, this time I couldn’t help myself. Already recognizing the name of the company she mentioned I had to ask….

“Do you mind if I ask you how much they charged?”

The answer was the same as with most horror stories. The famous $499 price tag.  I politely nodded and moved the conversation in a more comfortable direction.

She was in good spirits about her reception but it was clear it had taken her a while to get there. She admitted she had made a few mistakes along the planning process in not meeting the DJ before hand and not checking references.

And the moral to the story is this:
There will always be somebody or some company that is less expensive. However, depending on your standards, you may not want that person/company involved in such an important aspect of your wedding day. Always interview, always ask questions, and always make sure your entertainment is the right fit. Not just the right price.

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