Why Hire Professionals?

Many a horror stories have been told, but not always have the cameras been rolling to verify. This may be hard to watch, but this is a perfect example of why to hire the professionals.


Difficult to watch isn’t it? Most don’t make it all the way through the 5:53 of awkwardness. Wrong songs, missed cues, confusion, unfamiliarity with equipment, unprofessional announcements, excuses (“it’s very dark over here…?”), even the MC’s attire left much to be desired. Clearly the couple could not have been pleased with this performance.

Now, let’s not be naive and assume that everything will go perfect 100 percent of the time. However, professionals prepare ahead of time, have reliable equipment, back up systems and most importantly – experience.  With professionals, if something doesn’t go  exactly according to plan, back up systems are in place and they can continue on with out any disruption.

This poor couple likely spent thousands of dollars putting together the flowers, the caterers, the venue,…Yet ALL of that will be overshadowed by the embarrassing moments of their first dance…and the mother-son dance… and whatever other embarrassing moments the camera man spared us from.

Just another reason to interview EVERY wedding vendor, ask lots of questions, and make sure you have confidence in everyone involved. There are enough horror stories, YOU don’t have to have one.

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