Wedding ceremonies anywhere. No power? No problem. // Here’s how.

Wedding ceremonies anywhere. No power? No problem. // Here’s how.

You’ve found the perfect location for you and your sweetheart to tie the knot. The backdrop is perfect and serene. You have 100 guests who will all be excited to watch you celebrate your nuptials in pure bliss with a picturesque backdrop. There’s only one problem. They’ll never hear you… Wait what?

This can be the problem when it comes to the perfect ceremony backdrop. Beaches, cliffs and fields are beautiful backdrops and often craved by your photographer. However, they can be a frightening logistic for your DJ, if you choose the wrong one.

Open spaces present a unique audio challenge. Having 100 people for a ceremony in a small room, is very different than that same group for an outdoor ceremony. Now introduce any nature element, wind, water, or ocean surf and the proximity between the officient and your guests means they’ll never hear the ceremony. A microphone for the officiant is an absolute necessity. If you don’t a musician playing for the ceremony, then music is as well. Walking down the aisle in silence is just anticlimactic.

Don’t worry, I have a solution.


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