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Brian + Jen Married

The love story Brian and Jennifer began nearly 10 years ago when they met through their mutual friend Tara Brown. Brian had agreed to a night out dancing with a friend group commonly referred to as the “dancing divas.” When Brian arrived at the at the club Jen could not help but notice. Not only was he was the only guy in a group of 6 ladies, but he arrived dressed slightly nerdy and wearing a pair of Birkenstock type sandals.

My, how far we’ve come. This is the video of their celebration nearly 10 years in the making.


Your name or mine?

Why not use both? With a discussion that can become as spirited as it can tenuous, Danielle Leitzke and Dan Geiss began their first moment of marriage with a compromise. The ceremony at Mercer Island Congregational Church concluded with Mr. and Mrs. Geitzke recessing down the aisle to resounding cheers. Their reception in the sanctuary of the church was accented with black white and red. We added our touch by putting a glowing red hue to the drapery behind the sweetheart table.

Their spring celebration somehow forced uncharacteristically nice weather on to Mercer Island that day, which provided perfect lighting for the photos below. Enjoy!READ MORE